Introducing Dazzle Light: the final word in red-light therapy.

Dazzle Light is used to treat the
entire body for inch-loss and
overall fat reduction.

It can also be used to reduce the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially on and around the face.
Dazzle Light guarantees a 2-inch
loss from the first treatment.

Each non-surgical treatment
is pain-free, and the results
are permanent as long as the
client maintains an active
and healthy lifestyle.
Dazzle Light is so safe that, unlike laser devices, it
does not require a medical director to operate.

Dazzle Light is the only device in the industry that guarantees a 2-inch loss from the first treatment.


Dazzle Light is a red-light therapy device that employs over 140 light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to deliver a specific frequency of light to the body's fat-bearing cells.

As with other red-light therapy devices, Dazzle Light disrupts the membranes of fat cells, which releases stored fat. This fat is then collected by the lymphatic system and processed by the liver. Finally, the body disposes of this waste naturally through sweat and excrement.

How Does Dazzle Light Compare To Similar Devices?

Type of light used High-power LED Low-level laser Low-level laser Low-level laser
Treatments for circumferential inch-loss? YES YES YES YES
Treatments for skin tightening? YES YES YES YES
Treatments for facial lines and wrinkles? YES NO NO NO
Non-paddle system? YES YES NO NO
No medical director required? YES NO NO NO
Customer satisfaction guarantee? Manufacturer guarantee of 2 inches lost after first treatment NO NO NO


Red-light therapy

Light therapy has a long history: ancient peoples used "heliotherapy" for overall health and to treat a variety of skin conditions.

In 1903, Niels Finsen received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for inventing the first artificial light source for "phototherapy".

Red-light therapy became popular in the 1970s as a way to reduce inflammation and healing time in professional sports injuries.

For decades, plastic surgeons have paired red-light therapy with liposuction for better, more natural-looking results.


Red-light therapy has been used for over a decade as a non-surgical alternative to "traditional" aesthetic procedures.
Bottom view of Dazzle Light LED panel

Bottom view of LED panel

LED Technology

Dazzle Light features over 140 LEDs that emit light at a frequency of 635nm. This particular frequency of red light has been proven for the reduction of:

  • subcutaneous fat
  • inflammation
  • pain
  • cellulite
  • wrinkles / fine lines
  • healing time of injuries
Dazzle Light LED panel with lights on

LED panel with lights turned on

Fat Lipolysis

Dazzle Light creates a field of light that penetrates the client's skin and creates temporary pores in the membranes of subcutaneous fat cells.

These pores allow fat cells to release their fatty contents into the interstitial space (the fluid-filled space between cells of a given tissue).

Released fat is absorbed into the lymphatic system and bloodstream, and is eventually used up as energy or processed by the liver.

Finally, fat released from Dazzle Light treatments is expelled from the body by naturally (via sweat, urine, etc).

Dazzle Light device in action

Dazzle Light device in action


Full-Body Treatments

Dazzle Light is so effective that providers can comfortably offer a money back guarantee on a client's first treatment.

For satisfactory results, we recommend a series of six treatments over the course three weeks.

Patients may have as many treatments as desired without any adverse effects. However, there are no advantages to doing more than two sessions per week.

In a one-hour session, the client will have six total exposures. These exposures cover an area about 17" x 23", and last eight minutes each. Four exposures are dedicated to the mid-section, while the remaining two exposures are applied to other areas of the body, such as the chest, upper arms, neck, or face.

Single-Area Treatments

Providers can offer single-area treatments for those who wish to treat only one body area (approximately 17” x 23”, excluding the face and neck).

Dazzle Light single-area treatments are scheduled for 30-minute sessions. This includes treatment time and dressing/undressing.

Six 30-minute sessions (spread out over 3 weeks) are recommended for optimal results.

Our inch-loss guarantee does not apply to
single-area treatments.

Skin Rejuvenation

As we age, our body produces less elastin and collagen. Dazzle Light stimulates the body's production of these proteins.

The result is youthful, rejuvenated skin. Lines and wrinkles disappear, blemishes are less noticeable, and skin tags on the eyelids are smaller.

Six treatments over three weeks are recommended, with monthly touch-ups to maintain the client's "new" skin.


The following are some initial before and after photos displaying the inch-loss, skin tightening, and wrinkle-reducing effects of Dazzle Light.
Click to view larger photos.


Dazzle Light Collects Dollars, Not Dust

Because Dazzle Light is so very effective and boasts a one-of-a-kind manufacturer's guarantee, providers find it easy to maintain profitability with our device.

We do not restrict our providers to a certain number of treatments per month, as do some of our competitors.

We only allow for one Dazzle Light device per 300,000 population, which creates geographic exclusivity for our providers.

Who Should Become A Provider?

Because Dazzle Light does not require a medical director to operate, it is perfect for a wide range of treatment providers.

  • Health care professionals
  • Day spas
  • Beauty salons
  • Gyms
  • Tanning salons
  • Mobile providers
  • Entrepreneurs

Dazzle Light is also available for personal,
at home use.

Trade-In Program

Many of our providers already owned another red-light therapy device when they first contacted us. We heard a lot of the same complaints and concerns from them...

  • "My [other device] promises results, but I am simply not seeing them."
  • "We are not making money with our [other device]. Why would Dazzle Light be any different?"
  • "New devices are expensive. Can you help out on the price at all?"

As an answer to these and other concerns, for a limited time, providers can trade-in their existing red-light therapy device instead of placing a downpayment for Dazzle Light.


What Results Can My Clients Expect?

Dazzle Light has produced inch-loss for all recorded clients. Clients are guaranteed a 2-inch loss from their first full-body treatment.

Which Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated?

Dazzle Light is used to treat the entire body for inch-loss, and the face for the reduction of fat, fine lines, and wrinkles.

What Effect Does Dazzle Light Have On Cholesterol And Triglyceride Levels?

There have been no reported cases of increased cholesterol or triglyceride levels following the use of Dazzle Light. In fact, red-light therapy has been indicated in the lowering of LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels.

Can All Clients Expect Results?

Clients must be in moderate to good health to be a candidate for Dazzle Light. There have been no reported cases where a client has not experienced at least a 2-inch loss from full-body treatments. Results vary from one client to the next based on uncontrollable factors including age, life style, physiology, and pre-existing conditions (such as thyroid conditions). In order to ensure the greatest results for each client, the we suggest the following protocols.

  1. A light compression garment is important for mobilizing and "molding" freed up fat. “Spanks” and similar garments are highly recommended for best results.
  2. Flushing freed up fat from the body is key to long-lasting results. Clients must drink 2-3 liters of water each day while undergoing treatment, and for one week preceding and following treatment.
  3. A supplement which promotes healthy liver function and digestion is very important to aid in the flushing freed up fat from the body. We find no need to use niacin while doing treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information regarding supplements that pair well with Dazzle Light.
  4. Lymphatic stimulation is one of the best ways to ensure fantastic results for your client. For most clients, brisk walking or light jogging for 30 minutes every day during treatment will suffice. Other lymphatic stimulators include yoga, lymphatic massage, "dry brushing", pilates, and swimming.
  5. Clients who practice yoga while in treatment have demonstrated greater results than those who do not.

Is Dazzle Light Safe?

Absolutely. There are no reports of any client experiencing adverse side effects nor bad outcomes. Unlike similar laser devices, the LEDs that make up Dazzle Light cannot damage the eye. That being said, we encourage all of our providers to have their clients wear the "blackout" glasses that are included with their device.

How Bright Is Dazzle Light?

Though the field of light that Dazzle Light produces may seem intense, it is far dimmer than walking outside on a sunny day. As well, the light that Dazzle Light produces falls in the visible part of the spectrum, unlike ultraviolet light, which can cause skin and retinal damage.

Is Dazzle Light For Everyone?

Simply put, no. Pregnant women or individuals with active cancer are not candidtates for Dazzle Light.

When Dazzle Light empties fat cells of their contents, the liver must process any fatty acids and triglycerides that are not immediately converted into energy. Accordingly, individuals with compromised liver function should not be treated with Dazzle Light.


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